You need Swipebucket. Here is WHY.

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More stuff means more clutter, even when it comes to online content. I was always a little jealous of people who manage to be really organized. It is a habit I have yet to cultivate, but even for someone as hopelessly disorganized, there is hope.
Sometimes I think Swipebucket was created specifically for me. laugh
Staying organized can skyrocket your productivity and you CAN be more productive in a LESS amount of time without setting unreasonable self-imposed deadlines, which leave you even more stressed out.
If you are like me, a professional procrastinator that usually leaves all projects to the last minute then I have great news for you! The one tool that can help you keep organized is Swipebucket.
There is always a method to my madness…
Swipebucket can help you with work or fun and the best part about it is that is super simple to use, even for those who are technologically “challenged”.
I am convinced that my computer and my phone both hate me, but so far “swiping” has been a breeze.
How does it work?
Swipebucket was designed to help anyone easily swipe and save content from the internet. Any content. Social media posts, pictures, quotes, recipes...really anything and everything.
 Your endless internet surfing can now be organized, tagged, and saved in one place, so you can easily find projects you are working on, get new ideas and stay inspired.
I am an avid reader so it’s natural that my favorite feature became Kindle Highlights and notes. I can now easily find favorite quotes or parts of any book and share it with friends.
Swipebucket is a great tool for everyone that uses the internet
Swipe. Save. Easy peasy.
And if you’re forgetful, like me, don’t worry. A daily e-mail will remind you of all your saved content and of your favorite Kindle highlights and notes.
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