Sometimes You just Gotta Dance

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I woke up today with a huge knot in my stomach. Didn’t even know why. My sleep hygiene has been really bad for the past year and I became really cranky as a result. Like, constantly.

Who wants to be around a cranky person? Nobody. That’s who. 

Snipping at a business partner, your team or a loved one is never a good look and backpedaling becomes increasingly difficult. When things get tough I freak, frazzle then hide, which has never really brought any tangible results. 

Except procrastination.

This is NOT what you want to do. 

If you are a serial entrepreneur and running a business, you’re often stressed out to the max. The key to dealing with this, lies in simple steps I take when that “freak out” button is pushed. Here are mine: 

1.) Overthinking is a waste of time. Don’t think about the next card. Play your hand.

ACT! 💥
2.) Think what actions you can do RIGHT NOW. Make decisions quickly & take actions immediately. You don’t have to have all the puzzle pieces in place to act. JUST DO IT. Like Nike. :) 

3.) You don’t have ALL the answers. That’s ok. Talk to people smarter than you. Ask questions. Only by doing this, you will become an expert. Never pretend you are one. That will bite you in the a** eventually. Talk less, listen MORE. 

4.) Learn from your mistakes but don’t dwell on them. This lesson has been particularly hard for me as I am known to “freak & hide”. Just takes practice. If you keep yourself accountable instead of brushing things under the rug, in time it becomes much easier. Trust me. 😉

5.) When you’re working on a business or a project you are proud of don’t show weakness. People will criticize you no matter what. Challenges will help you grow some tough skin and help your confidence. 
And whatever you do…don’t forget to DANCE A LITTLE! 

I’m rooting for you! 🎉

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