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There is one intangible thing you can never get back or buy. TIME.  

Have you ever woken up at 2:00 am in cold sweat, stressing about all the stuff you have to deliver to clients? Have you ever felt so overwhelmed with a project that it only made you procrastinate more? 😵 💫

It’s an organizational ailment many “suffer” from.

Having a system that helps you with staying organized and using time as efficiently as possible is the smartest and least stressful way to live.  

Every day we have information, ideas, new thoughts etc. coming our way and oftentimes, especially if on the “GO”, we save it all, put it into who knows what folders just to later get frustrated because we simply can’t remember where these items are? 🤪

I sometimes just get frazzled and put the project off for later. That in turn produces even more stress and many sleepless nights. And that’s bad for health and creativity.

How to deal with all this? 💁

Of course you could go through scores of organizational apps on the market that can help you keep organized but what if you could stay organized, store all your content in one place and share it with your team? 

This is where Swipebucket has been a life saver for me. A major load off my back and no more stressing over HOW and WHERE I’m going to find everything I need. 🤯

No more “search” marathons means a calmer and clearer mind and with that a more creative mind, too. 😇 

Any time a marketing project comes up, I no longer start making notes then doing research or plotting out a roadmap. I simply start surfing the internet to get inspired by similar projects that have proven to be successful or particularly innovative.
Anything that relates to my new project. 

I look at these all this and simply swipe items I particularly like, along with any visuals and I simply create a “bucket” or in other words a swipe file. 📁 📁 📁

I name it whatever the name of the project is and make notes under the swipes I want to elaborate on with the team, then I share my initial ideas with them to get reactions and their input via comment thread. 

After we put together the frame, we go for the guts. We dive deeper, eliminating what doesn’t apply and removing what won’t serve us. We can then tag each other for tasks we want specific person to do.

This organized, seamless collaboration has really proven to work and Swipebucket became our own carefully curated “IDEAS DRAWER” where everything is neatly stored and organized. 
🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩

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