It's Not Over

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The world is changing.

It always has been, but perhaps with new tools and new economic forces, these changes sometimes cause a big disruption. 

We’re all on this crazy rollercoaster, called life. (How cliché, I know…)   🙈

That’s not always a bad thing. 

Lately, because of the worldwide pandemic, and economy changing, as a result, a lot of people got a rug pulled from underneath their feet and their “sense of security” ripped away. 

People lost jobs, businesses have crumbled and sometimes interpersonal relationships shattered from all the stress that change brings.

During the time of such economic disparity, the most innovative and creative thinking has taken shape, as it often does, in the face of impending doom.  

More and more new opportunities are rising from the ashes of the post-pandemic world. 

Startups are refocusing on creating real businesses that solve big problems. You no longer need to be a technological Unicorn to be an entrepreneur. 🦄

If you are particularly passionate about ANYTHING, dive into it. Read EVERYTHING, collect information, get ideas, and stay inspired. Reach out to people you admire. 

Have that Zoom chat, join a group that interests you, and carve out a plan. It doesn’t have to be an A to Z one, as long as you start. And you don t even have to start with “A” either. 

When you start on something new, things can get uncomfortable and scary. Don’t pressure yourself. Pressure creates a “burnout.” You don’t want that. 🔥


Not every idea is going to work. Start learning what works and what doesn’t. Eliminate what doesn’t. Maybe shelve it for another project where this particular idea will work better. 

I know a lot of people in business say “focus on the ONE thing”. I say spread several idea seeds and cultivate them. Not all seeds will grow into beautiful flowers. 🌾


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